Department History

History of the Department

In 1976, the Department of Linguistics was originally founded as the Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). At that time, we were the only department of the Faculty of Humanity that did not offer an undergraduate level of study. TEFL then later became a part of the Department of Western Languages. In 1979, the first graduate program and first degree of linguistics was offered: the Master of Educational Linguistics (M.Ed.). This was offered in close collaboration with the Faculty of Education. Over time, the department gradually expanded and the Master of Arts in Linguistics (M.A.) Program was introduced. In 2015, the first Doctoral Program (Ph.D.) began. At the same time, the international program in Language for Careers (LCI) developed by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sugunya Ruangjaroon and approved by Office of the Higher Education Commission was founded.


Today, the department offers three academic programs: the graduate programs in Linguistics for Doctoral and Master’s degree and the undergraduate programs in Language for Careers (International Program). The department is strongly expanding and currently consists of seven Thai faculty members and four foreign lecturers. Our current instructors have a number of individual research interests.