Internship process

Pre-internship steps

  1. Students must meet the following requirements to be academically eligible for any internship:
    – Have a minimum of 90 credits.
    – Have a GPA of 2.0 or more
  2. Get letter of intent provided by The Department of Linguistics
  3. Contact companies that you are interested in having an internship with.
  4. Set up an interview with the company’s internship department. The internship must be in English.
  5. If selected, students must then submit the following to the Language for Careers’ Program Coordinator:

       the name of the company where they will be doing their internship
       the internship period
       the internship supervisor’s name with contact number.

  6. If not selected, students continue to search for and apply to other internship programs that they are interested in.
  7. Selected students register for the course ELC 391 Practicum / ELC 392 Practicum Abroad.
  8. The program coordinator makes the schedule for supervision.

Internship period requirements

  1. Interns must work a minimum of 40 hours per week, with a three-month minimum commitment.
  2. During their internship, students are required to keep a journal chronicling their experiences each time they are at the internship site. The journal is a way for interns to record and reflect upon their progress throughout the internship.
  3. Faculty supervisors meet with students at the internship site and assess their performance through an interview. In the case where students go abroad for their internship, they will be interviewed via Skype.

Post-internship steps

  1. Students must complete the journal and submit it to the program coordinator within 1 month after the completion of their internship.
  2. Internship supervisors complete the evaluation form of the intern’s work/progress and submit it to the program chair.
  3. The department committee will review the summary and evaluation. If the students complete the process, they will receive a satisfactory (S) grade. If they do not complete the process, they will receive an unsatisfactory (U) grade and have to do the internship again.