Narin BuanakConceptual Metaphors of Football Games in Thai Newspapers
Kunanya BanlueThe Semantic and Syntactic Analysis of ‘PUAK’ in Thai
Nakarin NaknavaA Conceptual Metaphor of Body Part Terms in Thai Emotional Expressions
Nidradee TadtongGender and Language Strategies on Facebook
Ratchaneewan PrayongkulFace Threatening Acts towards University Professors: A Study of Pragmatics
Rinrada AunyaratroungrojSelf-Presentation of Gaymen in Thai Gay Magazine Published in 1984-1987
Siriporn ViriyaraksThe Discourse of Sexual Harassment on the Web Board: A Study of Critical Discourse Analysis
Tapanee JoychooratsameeAn Analysis of Fundamental Frequency of Mon’s Modal Voiced and Breathy Voiced Vowels from Thaung Pyin Myanmar
Thanatkon DamrongkhongchaiAn Analysis of Low-High Order Cognitive Questions and Instructions in the Book Series Titled, Projects: Play & Learn for Elementary School Levels 2 and 5
Wipada NunthoomAn Analysis of Ambiguity in Official Documents: A Linguistics Approach
Mintira ChintagawongA Study of Address Terms Used by Doctors in Doctor-Patient Conversations
Nipat PuengpaingamOccurrence of Fallacy Argumentation on Web Boards
Nutcha NgoenthumAn Error Analysis of Thai Sentences Made by Korean Learners
Pornsopa MahawongtongMaking Violence in Thai Newspapers: Headline Flood News in 2011 and 2012
Ratchadaporn SrirugsaThe Discourse of Sexual Harassment in Everyday Conversation: A Study of Critical Discourse Analysis
Rattanapraxa AnaleeClassifiers in Lao: A Cognitive Linguistic Approach
Thawatchai MatabaoRefusal Speech Acts of Monks
Thitikamol VatanyutanonThe Study of Semantic Extension of Taste Words in Thai
Tinnapa SanehaPolitical Discourse in ‘CHUTHONG and SAILORFAH’ Talk Shows: Critical Discourse Analysis
Tiyanuch RusawangThe Semantic and Syntactic Analysis of Focus Markers in Thai
Weera BoonnadeeAn Analysis of Gender Agreement in Pali: A Generative Approach
Anusorn SaechanPeception and Production: WH-Arguments And WH-Adjunct in English and Thai
Kornkanok RammaatA Comparative Study of Love Metaphors in Thai Folk Songs and Thai Pop Songs
Arunrasmee KaewloyThe Development of English Fricative Consonant Pronunciation by Using the Audio-lingual Method and Articulatory Phonetics
Chanikarn WongpiyaA Comparative Study of Conceptual Metaphors of Human in French and Thai Expressions
Jeerayupohn SombatnaThe Effect of Application the Instructional Media ‘Project: Play & Learn’ ( a Revised Version) on Grade 1 and 4 Students at Chumchon-Baan-Lad School, Mahasarakam Province and Baan-Pi-Leang (Imutit) School, Pechburi Province
Sitanun AumkrueaA study of the results of using the book “Projects: Play & Learn” (a Revised Version) with Students in Grades 1 and 4 at Klongkoom School, Bangkok
Supap KringramPersuasive Strategies Used by Miss Yingluck Shinawatra and Mister Abhisit Vejjajiva in the 2011 General Election Campaign Speech
Tassapol TemsukThe Study of Address Terms for Prime Minister in the Headline of Daily Newspaper and Readers’ Attitude Towards Their Reference
Unaree TaladngoenThe Semantics-Syntax Analysis of Pen in Thai
Kanjana SrisamutAn Analysis of Script Opposition and Language Strategies Leading to Humourousness in “Unnarut Roy Rueng”
Nanthikan ChanaphibanUsage of Terms of Address with Unfamiliar Addressees
Palmpanut SuntandachaAn Analysis of High Order Thinking Questions in an English Textbooks and Teachers’ Manuals
Pimnara PailinanurakMetaphors of Lovers in the Thai Translation of Twilight
Piyapong LaosrirattanachaiAn Analysis of Co-occurrence between Words and Nominalizations /Karn/ and Kwarm
Sirintra RittidechAn Analysis of Restructuring and Encrypting Genius code Puzzles
Chuenjet AtivoragoonCohesion and Relevance in Casual Conversation between Males and Females
Janyalak KantawongAn Analysis of YONG Lexical Usage by Tree Different Generations in Pasang District, Lamphun Province
Jarunee PoemchartThe Teaching of Western Holidays through a Project-Based Approach
Jittima KhaewpanA Whole Language Approach to Designing Supplements for Multimedia Graded Readers to Improve Reading Skills
Kansinee ChuaypenchaipatAn Analysis of the Thai Word /arai/ Construed as ‘Everything’
Monsawan RaksingA Study of Non-Arbitrary Relations between Vowel Sounds and Meaning of Adverbs in the Nongkhai Dialect
Saijai LeelanoiAn Analysis of the Function of the Prepositional Phrases Beginning with the Morpheme ‘Doj’
Supparaporn Na-takuathungThe Study of Compounds of Sweets Found in Fukienese Loanwords in Phuket
Suwaroj KiatpatanakraiTeaching English Grammar by Using the Constructivist Approach
Wachira BoonkuaA Study of Northeastern Thai Dialect Idioms Change
Wanlapaporn SonboontaAn Acoustic Analysis of Thai Wh-Word [arai] in Direct Speech Acts and Indirect Speech Acts
Boonchoke KeiomaA Study on Speech Acts on Outdoor Media for Candidates Running for Candidates Running Governor of Bangkok 2004
Nussara MatsukiA Study of Memory, Cognitive and Compensation Strategies Used by Non-Native Speakers while Learning Thai.
Ratchanee SirisaiyatA Study of the Word Formation and Meaning of Slang Found in the Matichon Dictionary of the Thai Language
Samrit PhopraiA Study on the Effect of Using Language Games to Solve Problems with English Word Final Cluster of Two Consonant Sounds of
Mathayomsuksa i Students at Debsirin Nonthaburi School
Sopawan NookungAn Analysis of Argument Expressions in Web Boards on
Wantipa UnaratAn Analysis of the Morpheme “Thii” in Independent and Embedded Clauses Found in Books for Children between the Ages Of 3 to 5 Years Awarded Prizes at the Bangkok International Book Fairs from 1995-2005
Yada ChanbancheeThe Techniques of Thai Humour in the Prose of Ketsaepsawas Palakawong Na Ayudha
Anintiga KhajorncheepA Study on the understanding of Native English Hand Gestures of Mattayomsuksa 6 Students at Siyanuson School, Chanthaburi Province
Wipapan JangjornA Study of Internet User’ Techniques in Avoiding Impolite Words on the Web Board
Itsraporn InsamranA Study of Styles in Learning English of the English Major Undergraduates in the Faculty of Humanities at Srinakharinwirot University
Korchart ChamnanchangA Study of Slang in the Transvestite Community of Bangkok
Nilubol SeetapeEffects of Cooperative Learning on English Reading Achievement and Learning Behaviors of Mathayomsuksa Three Students in Kanchanaphisekwittayalai, Uthaitani School
Prathana PadungpoteA Study of the Use of Transliteration Words by Mattayomsuksa Three and Mattayom Suksa Six Students in Muang District of Pathumthani Province
Saichon MeeyaaphanonA Study of Critical Reading Ability of the English Major Students Attending the Faculty of Humanities at Srinakharinwirot University in 2003
Tankamol UpanisakornA Study of Spelling Errors in English of Mattayom Suksa Four Students at Naree-Nukul School in Ubonratchathani Province
Nathwipa WiriyaA Study of the Relationship between Srinakharinwirot University Students’Attitude Towards Code-Mixing (Thai-English Used by Disc Jockeys) and Their Motivation in Learning English
Tawan WongsajjaA Study of Metacognitive Strategies as Employed by Sophomores Majoring in English and Languages for Career
Pathomwan WongsuwanA Study of Student’s Development of Narration in Pratom Suksa 3 Phathai-Udomsuksa School
Panadda Sae-TangA Comparative Study of the Vocabulary in Mattayom 1-3 English Corusebooks, Discoveries book 1-3, with the Vocabulary Lists of the Department of General Education’s English Syllabus and The Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English